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For sale is mu dual Headphile headphone stand. You can see the photos here: http://headphile.com/page11.html   The colour is very dark, Wenge..
For sale is my 100Ohm adaptor thaon one of our forum member produces. Unused as I sold the headphones that it was made for.
 Cut the BS. I had a HA-160D, WA2 and Corda Classic, so do not tell me to try OTL, I know how it sounds and you are just trying to tell us that there is a simple formula for making something sound great. If there was one, signle formula for that, we would not be seeing dozens of different designs and manufacturers testing various potions and having different model ranges.
 Please provide a scientific explanation why Corda Classic powers these phones so well.
 An option is not the same as standard.
 Can be placed in the regular conductor, but only the SL version comes pre-fitted with it. Only custom ones will have that chip.
 There is an SL version of Conductor that offers PCM1793, but the main model only has ESS9018.
 HA-160D was based on Burson custom architecture. Conductor is based on Saber ESS9018, which gives it a different sonic signature. Comparing 160D and Conductor is of no use. As for OTL that is just a legend as well. I had WA2 and it made my T1s sing, but uncomparably lesser than may Corda Classic.  Could not agree more.
Thanks for your answer, guys!
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