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Huh, sounds good. I should have looked at WUS myself and will probably check people's opinions there.Yesh, it is thock, but I am not much into diver or pilot watches and the Apollon fits my collection perfectly ad well
Do you guys have any experience iwth Steinhart watches? I am thinking about picking up an Apollon soon and wondering if anyone has had any experience with them.
Send me a pm
Meier Corda Classic for sale. PayPal and shipping worldwide included.   It includes a European power cable, a set of feet and good quality interconnects.
Hi,   Selling my Metrum Octave with Audiophilleo AP2. Both in great condition.   Original USB cable, EU power cable and cableless connection for AP2 adapter included.
All, I decided to sell my Beyer T1s, only shortly used. I am the  2nd owner of T1. All with boxes etc.    I can add a Sennheiser headphone stand like this one:   I will also consider trades for cheaper and easy-to-drive headphones. PP and PayPal split.
First I want to see if there are any takers for the whole set as that makes it easier for me. PM me in a few weeks and if I still have it, we can talk.
For sale is mu dual Headphile headphone stand. You can see the photos here:   The colour is very dark, Wenge..
For sale is my 100Ohm adaptor thaon one of our forum member produces. Unused as I sold the headphones that it was made for.
 Cut the BS. I had a HA-160D, WA2 and Corda Classic, so do not tell me to try OTL, I know how it sounds and you are just trying to tell us that there is a simple formula for making something sound great. If there was one, signle formula for that, we would not be seeing dozens of different designs and manufacturers testing various potions and having different model ranges.
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