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Clicking noises in what? You have not specified the use for the whole device, so it is hard to guess where the cllicks appear and recommend anything
Can you not use a portable battery to power a small hub?
  Octave is very clean, but not fatiguing at all, indeed.
How are you going to connect so much gear to a DAC with only one output?  What bothers you about the Lavry?    When I did research before buying my Metrum Octave, I searched for the most transparent DAC - Metrum Octave is one of those.
Corda Jazz here and a great companion for these.
What other equipment do you have apart from the DAC? 
  Yeah, I somehow forgot he was talking D600.
Tokina 11-16 2.8 is a pretty  amazing lens.
Essential is a very strong word. 90% of us have lived without gapless the whole life and no one suffered the lack of it until the time if Internet and pseudo-audiophile features.
SoundMAGIC HP100.   Closed with no sound leakage.  Isolation is ok Sound quality very good.  Extraordinary comfort. I can sit with them on for hours upon hours not even noticing they're on my head.
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