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Meier Corda Classic.
Sound is exactly the same as omx is the same bud with just added earhooks
Nightwish Wishmaster; I spent hours upon hours listening to it at work when I first found them. One of the very few heavy metal bands that I never stopped listening.
Do you want it for music or videos? Music - option 1. Video - option 2. You answered the questions yourself, you just need to decide what is more important to you. I would choose F for portability and SQ.ś
What a funny discussion you guys are having. Everyone is 100% sure only his opinion is right. I would not agree with any of you. Both primes and zooms have their advantages and disadvantages and if anyone prefers one or the other it is just a matter of preference, nothing else. Some people prefer to use their feet for zoom (may be a bit hard in churches) and others prefer to do it with zoom lenses. 
  If your budget is $1000, than there is only one single lens you can buy - Tamron 70-200. Optically it is a great lens. LAcks IS/ OS/ VR, but that can be overcome with technique to some extent.    another one is Sigma 70-200, and if you get lucky, you might find a used one for around $1000. It is not as good optically as the Tamron, but adds IS and better build quality, even though the Tamron is not so bad in that department either.    Going up in Price you have the new...
Just like, but no exactly. Not going to happen.
  I see no reason to say those devices are aimed specifically at Apple users. WiFi is WiFi and last time I checked they had apps for Android too.   Besides, you can install Samba and get normal access to your files via any explorer and without the app.
Anyone tried the new Tamron 70-200 VC USD? I am very tempted to upgrade my current non-VC Tamron to the new version.
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