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  Yeah, I somehow forgot he was talking D600.
Tokina 11-16 2.8 is a pretty  amazing lens.
Essential is a very strong word. 90% of us have lived without gapless the whole life and no one suffered the lack of it until the time if Internet and pseudo-audiophile features.
SoundMAGIC HP100.   Closed with no sound leakage.  Isolation is ok Sound quality very good.  Extraordinary comfort. I can sit with them on for hours upon hours not even noticing they're on my head.
  Yeah, you should have seen that thread. There was no room for personal opinions there. The strangest bunch of folks I have ever seen on the Interwebs.   Well...
Exactly. When I said these were good over a year ago on another forum, I alomst got crucified. Only because Tyll had his measurements.
  USB is not exactly a perfect interface. It all depends on whether there are other devices connected to the same USB hub on the laptop. A lot of things to take into account in such case.  
Are those still HDDs? Yes, that means the interface does not matter as USB 3.0 is already much faster than the drive and Thunderbolt will not change anything.
    [[SPOILER]]     Beautiful round case. Not a big fan of broad arrows, but this one looks great.
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