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Do these come region free? Looking at a seller's website I see no RF version that I used to see with 95/93.
  Because it is not a sfotware-only thing. It requires the USB plug/ chip to support USB OTG
Contact the manufacturer. I bought the cable for hp100 from them that fits and is straight and 1.2m
Battery might be poor quality. Try some other portable battery. I have a New Trent IMP70D, but have never used it for powering a DAC.
Clicking noises in what? You have not specified the use for the whole device, so it is hard to guess where the cllicks appear and recommend anything
Can you not use a portable battery to power a small hub?
  Octave is very clean, but not fatiguing at all, indeed.
How are you going to connect so much gear to a DAC with only one output?  What bothers you about the Lavry?    When I did research before buying my Metrum Octave, I searched for the most transparent DAC - Metrum Octave is one of those.
Corda Jazz here and a great companion for these.
What other equipment do you have apart from the DAC? 
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