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The chair is an Ergomax Ergohuman one. Check them out, very comfortable and adjustable in many ways.    As for simplicity - took me some time to get there and still selling my other stuff as I see that I only use the best phones I have, anyway. 
No new equipment in the rig, yet a new setup. Still a lot to be done in the new place; especially changing the colour of my walls ;)   Audiophilleo 2>Metrum Acoustics Octave>Corda Classic>Beyerdynamic T1.       
For sale is my JVC headphone. Comes with box and is in great condition. PayPal on me and split shipping.
Just put mine up for sale if anyone is interested.
Hi All,   Decided to sell my SA5ks. They are in very good condition. I bought them used around 18 months ago..   PayPal and shipping in Europe/ UK is included in the price. I am located in Poland.   The photo of the actual phones that I took some time ago.
  Great choice. Have had mine for over 6 months now and am loving it every time i put it on, daily that is :)
Sony players have Bluetooth.
  Where do you see ANy cables in that picture?
  What speakers are those?
  He is generally a guy who goes from one extreme into the other into seeing anything in-between. I like reading him, and consider him a great photographer, but he needs to be take with a pinch of salt, if not mroe.
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