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Anyone know of a shop selling these in Europe?
Anyone know of a shop selling these in Europe?
Anyone using this amp woth Fostex TH-600/ 900? It sounds great with T1s as some have already mentioned, but I am thinking about getting a pair of closed headphones and wondering what you guys use with this amp.
Wrong thread
To all those looking for amps for T1s. I had a WA2 for some time and then switched it to Corda Classic. I have to say that I am very pleased with the end result. As much as I liked he WA2 and its more relaxed signature with T1s, I love the Classic even more for the transparency. I much prefer the Classic now and would not change it now.    Note: I have the non-basslight ersion of T1s (provided that you believe there are two versions of these headphones)
Just an FYI for those using these on the go.      I looked for a replacement cable for these that would not be coiled and talked to SoundMagic. I got a cable that comes with HP200 and is shorter and straight. It works great and is of great quality for cheap. Cannot remember how much,, though.
  Metrum Acoustics Octave!
  What other manufacturers that count will be releasing flagships? Sony just started shipping theirs, and HTC are about to start. Samsung has announced S4. Who else can come up with something worth a mention? Motorola, maybe?
Hahaha, of course they are the best ;).
How about your WA2? You already got rid of that?
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