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Go for a Corda Classic from Jan Meier. I got one and it is an awesome app for these cans
Has anyone got any experience with Seiko EPD watches from SDGA, SBFG, SBGA series? I have been thinking about getting a good digital watch for a while and these seem to tick a lot of boxes. Any other recommendations for solar/ atomic watches on the higher end of the spectrum?
  Not sure what you mean by bright, but on Burson HA-160D, Woo WA2 and Meier Classic they never sounded bright for a second.   And BTW., you have stirred up the other thread and got it locked up, so please do not do that to this thread. If you feel HD800 is the only true great headphone, let it be and do not waste our time with these arguments.
  If anyone, it is the French customs who broke them.   I bought mine on and from a French seller.   There are several pairs available on amazon
  I am more into transparent than fun, so I got the Classic and I love the combo. Perfect for my needs. I have sold everything else but the SoundMAGIC HP!00s that I use while away from home.   Might buy something closed, but not sure what at the moment.
  WA2 made T1s less transparent in my opinion. Meier is more transparent and does not add warmth. I was also moving into a smaller place and wanted to save some space. 
  I  fully agree on the part about comfort and listening all day.   The part about amping is not exactly right.   I have had a Burson HA-160D, WA2 and Meier Classic and they all sounded good. Maybe different, but never ear-piercing or anywhere near that.
  Literally ;)
I use the mobile version of the site and am perfectly happy with it.
I would choose Seagate. The simple reason is the WD drives have their idiotic WD SES driver that always causes problems when connecting the drive to a PC the first time. For me in 21st century that sis a complete deal breaker as it makes the drive not entirely plug and play.
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