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  Literally ;)
I use the mobile version of the site and am perfectly happy with it.
I would choose Seagate. The simple reason is the WD drives have their idiotic WD SES driver that always causes problems when connecting the drive to a PC the first time. For me in 21st century that sis a complete deal breaker as it makes the drive not entirely plug and play.
BTW., Has anyone tried these on a Meier Corda amp? I have a classic and wondering if it make a good match.
Anyone know of a shop selling these in Europe?
Anyone know of a shop selling these in Europe?
Anyone using this amp woth Fostex TH-600/ 900? It sounds great with T1s as some have already mentioned, but I am thinking about getting a pair of closed headphones and wondering what you guys use with this amp.
Wrong thread
To all those looking for amps for T1s. I had a WA2 for some time and then switched it to Corda Classic. I have to say that I am very pleased with the end result. As much as I liked he WA2 and its more relaxed signature with T1s, I love the Classic even more for the transparency. I much prefer the Classic now and would not change it now.    Note: I have the non-basslight ersion of T1s (provided that you believe there are two versions of these headphones)
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