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In my experience apps are MUCH slower than mobile websites. And much mroe pain to navigate too. Try the mobile head-fi and decide for yourself. If not, just use tapatalk.
Problem with them is comfort and placement. I could not stand them for longer than 1 hour, while T5ps I could wear for several hours without any problems.
Has anyone tried the new Beyer pads from T70? the ones with gel?
People are genuinely insane.
No problem at all here.
I have no idea how you imagine a $1000 amp can make a bad headphone make int oa good one. It is simply impossible.   Why does a $300 amp make a $1000 headphone better? Because it provides power :)
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  The difference might lie in the requirements for amplification of low and high impedance cans, I think.   Low impedance cans require Amperage to shine while high impedance ones require Voltage. I would have to find specs for Concerto and compare with Classic.   Concerto: Maximum output 13V / 500 mA Classic: Maximum output 15V / 500 mA   So basically T5ps should sound the same from both.   I have to wait for quite a long time to listen and compare, as I mentioned above,...
  I am really waiting to try them on the Classic. As I am away frmo home until August 1st, I need to be patient and wait.
  At the time I bought them, they were meant to be used as a portable solution.  had to change the aount of gear carried when travelling, and the headphones were just too big. Now I am buying them asa closed alternative to my T1s, so size does not matter ;)
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