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Of course it weakens it. Do yo uthink you can break it by taing them off your head? I do not think so.
  Oversight of what? The fact that people would stretch the headband to apoiint where it breaks? Was the main purpose of these to be unbreakable? Were they advertised as unbreakable? This is user fault and not the manufacturer's fault. It is cllear to me that DG was playing with them and sometimes tthat is how it ends.
T5p needs as good an amp as any other headphone in this price range and the better they the more they shine. BAd reputation came from Tyll and much too many people rely on one person's impression
  Great impressions!   I am not using a Daccord, but my Metro Octave is absolutely awesome and I do not plan on upgrading it anytime soon.
  I have been trying to popularize this combo, but there is a cult of WA2 around here, so I hd no chance. I have a CClassic and the combo sounds remarkable. It does not take away the transparency as much as WA2 as well.
In my experience apps are MUCH slower than mobile websites. And much mroe pain to navigate too. Try the mobile head-fi and decide for yourself. If not, just use tapatalk.
Problem with them is comfort and placement. I could not stand them for longer than 1 hour, while T5ps I could wear for several hours without any problems.
Has anyone tried the new Beyer pads from T70? the ones with gel?
People are genuinely insane.
No problem at all here.
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