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Much better if you like her voice:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X85UUDhZaCw
  Maybe you should have sent them for repair when they got bent. I do not know about your floors and dropping the cans, but mine were dropped several times and nothing ever got bent. If we look at the amount of users in this thread and see only one user with this problem, does it imply a user problem or equipment problem? Are you the only one around who ever dropped them?   P.S. you shoulld be happy if Beyer fix them under warranty, as 99% of manufacturers would send them...
I would not attribute the failure to the unit's weakness only. The user should not have tried bending them back and forth as I see no reason to do that.I have no clue why you guys are looking for the fault in the phones, when it was clearly the user who f'ed up
  And here is why they broke, very simple. I do not think any metal-made headphones are made to be bent.
  Well, if that was to be the only cause, I truly doubt anyone would still have them.
Of course it weakens it. Do yo uthink you can break it by taing them off your head? I do not think so.
  Oversight of what? The fact that people would stretch the headband to apoiint where it breaks? Was the main purpose of these to be unbreakable? Were they advertised as unbreakable? This is user fault and not the manufacturer's fault. It is cllear to me that DG was playing with them and sometimes tthat is how it ends.
T5p needs as good an amp as any other headphone in this price range and the better they the more they shine. BAd reputation came from Tyll and much too many people rely on one person's impression
  Great impressions!   I am not using a Daccord, but my Metro Octave is absolutely awesome and I do not plan on upgrading it anytime soon.
  I have been trying to popularize this combo, but there is a cult of WA2 around here, so I hd no chance. I have a CClassic and the combo sounds remarkable. It does not take away the transparency as much as WA2 as well.
New Posts  All Forums: