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Still, I do not want to compromise a $3000 system by using a poor quality adapter.
  That is a great idea. I have to have a look and see if anyone sells something of good quality. I do not want to couple the $80 cabe with a $2.26 adapter ;)
Hi Guys,   I am looking to change my DAC>Amp interconnect to something that will fit the space better. Basically, I currently have RCA>RCA interconnects of good quality and the cables are extremely hard and do not really bend nicely to fit the space behind my screen. Also, the connectors themselves are pretty big and it is hard to fit them between the amp andd the wall.    What I am looking for is either angled RCA connectors with a good cable or something that...
I got myself a D7100 after owning D90 for over 4 years and am vvery happy with its ergonomy so far.
  I havea Zalman low profile left over affter an HTPC case on mine and am planning on buying a D14 as well.
  A well designed case, indeed.   Have a look at this:
  Of course. 
  Also think about Meier Corda Classic. Does not colour the sound like WA2.
  Does that make their weight less or more? I mentioned them because they are heavier and bigger than HP100s and I still wore them outside.
  Try T5ps, I used to rock those all around the world and was happy. I sold thm and just re-bought them for the ultimate expperience.
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