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 Beautiful! What is the model number?
 I will do that at the local AD and see, but I had a 44mm Citizen and it did not look great.
I love the idea behind Astron, but I forgot to mention that I have a small wrist and it would look ridiculously h8ge on it .I will have a look at Ananta, thanks. Seiko is definitely on the list of makes I to have.
Of course I meant Pontos Some time ago I decided to not follow the trend and buy diver watches to wear them at the office, so that is out of the question. Omega and Rolex are out as I have an Omega, I will never buy a Rolex for someone to look at it and think it is a fake.I had and MTG some time ago and got rid of it, I have a ProTrek for occasions when I need something cheap I will not be afraid to destroy and a T-Touch for all other feature-watch needs.A Seiko EPD and...
So after some searching I decided to et a Column Wheel Chrono Longines L2.743.4.76.6 as the next addition to my collection.   My criteria: Light face colour Straight hands Chrono Rather sporty, than formal     More than just an ETA movement, something special, so to say.   I currently have a Laurice Lacroix Pontong Date (formal occasions), Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch (any occasion), Tissot PRS (cheap work watch), Tissot T-Touch Expert.   Do you...
Looking to buy a pair of SE425s in good condition.
Those Omegas are simply stunning.
 Nope, just something I picked up when working for the army. Never seen Friends, BTW.
 Roger that!
 A lovely watch, indeed.
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