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 Polska piękny kraj :), Witam krajana.
 Great find. I was not looking for a new watch, but since it is a Polish company, I might pre-order it.
Brought this home from the local AD's today:
 To some, iPhones might have been the first smartphones, but to those who used Windows Mobile, Symbian UIQ on devices like Sony M600 or P1, never really noticed the device come to the market. The same same applies to iWatch, with the difference that there is nor real use for any smartwatch unless one that the manufacturer makes you believe you need. I do use a watch for running, but neither iWatch, nor any other smartwatch will ever provide the functionality of a real...
 Right. I still think that if I wanted a smartwatch, it would be used for functions like controlling music, measuring activity etc. And all this has no point if done only every now and then, so a smartwatch is of no use if I do not wear it on a daily basis, hence I am not ready to buy one :) Besides, I already have the first smartwatch ever produced - Tissot T-Touch.
 Depends on what you mean by saying it is technically 'better'. I'd argue it is better than my Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch.
To me the only thing that stops me from buying a smartwatch is that it only makes sense to wear it every day. I have several watches and would hate to be tied to only one of them. 
 I have a T-Touch Expert, nice watch. I got mine in Titanium to make it lighter.
 Beautiful! What is the model number?
 I will do that at the local AD and see, but I had a 44mm Citizen and it did not look great.
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