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Hi Folks,   I have a laptop for sale that is my Sony VAIO 15th Anniversary Collector's Edition.    Specifications:  - 8GB RAM - 2x128GB SSD in RAID 0 - 13.3" 1080x1920 screen - i7-3610 Quad - Windows 7 (or 8.1 if you prefer) Comes with: - Original battery - Sheet battery - Crumpler sleeve The Gimp - 3rd party custom made sleeve - Original AC Adapter - Crumpler cloth to be inserted between keyboard and screen preventing screen from being scratched by the...
Exactly. No one has ever reached it.
 I hope you are as tough as you think, but from my experience upgraditis strikes when you never expect it ;) I had setups from basic, to runnin an Audiophilleo into a Metrum Octave and Corda Classic and Beyer T1s. Never enough. I got hooked on my speaker system fortunately and got rid of all headphone gear.  Exactly!  EDIT: "s" deleted 
 Dream on....
 Thought the same until I used it for a while. Whoever says 8 is not better than 7 has not read about the new features in 8. Just look at SSD and USB 3.0 support and you will know why it is better.  I have a laptop (Sony and they have loads of problems with drivers usually) and a PC I put together. Neither have ANY problems with drivers. Are you sure you are not talking about driver problems for some devices from 15 years ago?
I find Windows 8.1 Start Screen much better than the old school Start Menu. Only the stuff I want there is there and categorised nicely. Takes a week or two to get used to. Then, also remember about Update 1 that gives you power option in Start Screen. Set you 8.1 to boot straight into Desktop mode and you will forget about classic Start Menu in a few days.
I willI have not ordered it yet as the dealer for my country is preparing to stock most popular Steinhart models soon and I will probably wait till he does and then pick one up after checking it out in person.
Huh, sounds good. I should have looked at WUS myself and will probably check people's opinions there.Yesh, it is thock, but I am not much into diver or pilot watches and the Apollon fits my collection perfectly ad well
Do you guys have any experience iwth Steinhart watches? I am thinking about picking up an Apollon soon and wondering if anyone has had any experience with them.
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