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 Thanks. Fortunately there is quite a lot of them for sale in great condition for a reasonable price :)
 Absolutely stunning.  What model is that?
Just saying too much of the same. Check my posts in this thread if you want to see them.
Getting boring in here.
 :) Do you mind if I ask about the sport? UFC?
 Sportsman with no motivation? i can hardly believe that.
 A friend of mine got it as well, did not mitivate him long enough either ;)
/you guys have been killing me with all those pics of sports watches, so I just got myself a Garmin Fenix 3 to accompany my Leikr :) Hopefully I will not get lazy and stop running, so it will get some use apart from everyday
 Definitely adding it to my to-buy watches. Not sure it's going to beat Speedmaster co-axial mkII on my list, but it is lovely.
 Great looking speedy. where can I get one and how much for?
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