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 :) Do you mind if I ask about the sport? UFC?
 Sportsman with no motivation? i can hardly believe that.
 A friend of mine got it as well, did not mitivate him long enough either ;)
/you guys have been killing me with all those pics of sports watches, so I just got myself a Garmin Fenix 3 to accompany my Leikr :) Hopefully I will not get lazy and stop running, so it will get some use apart from everyday
 Definitely adding it to my to-buy watches. Not sure it's going to beat Speedmaster co-axial mkII on my list, but it is lovely.
 Great looking speedy. where can I get one and how much for?
 Polska piękny kraj :), Witam krajana.
 Great find. I was not looking for a new watch, but since it is a Polish company, I might pre-order it.
Brought this home from the local AD's today:
 To some, iPhones might have been the first smartphones, but to those who used Windows Mobile, Symbian UIQ on devices like Sony M600 or P1, never really noticed the device come to the market. The same same applies to iWatch, with the difference that there is nor real use for any smartwatch unless one that the manufacturer makes you believe you need. I do use a watch for running, but neither iWatch, nor any other smartwatch will ever provide the functionality of a real...
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