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1100s are good but need to be EQ'd, otherwise the lower mids are colored. I have not heard the 660s so I can't comment
the r03s don't really have that huge of a bass. it's just a very warm/smooth sounding earphone
In some cases burn in is mental, but some headphones do change quite a bit over time. I haven't heard the M50s, but it's certainly possible for headphones to sound good right away and improve with use.
I found a well broken in 650 didn't have that noticeable of a hump because the sound was so laid back  
IE8s can be worn with a loose seal / shallow insertion which keeps the bass from overpowering the rest of the spectrum
For running I would think the Westone/Earsonics/Shure form factor would be best, as long as your ears aren't small
650s probably aren't the best phones for synthesized bass. Closed phones will give you more sub-bass, and speakers would be even better.
The FX700s have a similar sound signature I believe, but are pricy. Maybe the HJE-900's?
Quote: The T50s suck and the 1350s don't
I never found the 650s super dark, just very smooth and easy to listen to, and I didn't even have an expensive amp/dac, just an Audinst MX1. Comfort-wise, I found the most comfortable versions to actually be the Franken-650s which had the 580s headband. Super light, and no clamp at all. I know you can adjust the 650s headband by bending the metal parts, but I don't know if it gets as soft as the 580s.    Anyways, if you're looking for non-bright open headphones, the...
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