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I think he's talking about resonance in his headphone?
Look how stupid you are    
SM3 is way more forward than the 650s. It's hard to compare IEMs to full size open phones. The experience is completely different.
Have had them for a week or so, but don't really need them. They're in perfect condition. Come with all the original accessories, including extension cable, 1/4" adapter, and bag. Looking for $110 shipped CONUS (extra for international) or best offer. If sending through paypal please add 3%   PM me if you have any questions. Thanks
the AKG k701 has a big (some may say unnatural) soundstage and it's close to your price range. needs a fairly juicy amp to sound its best though
Sorry to bump an oldish thread but these are my Foobar EQ settings for the D1100 that works for most genres for me.   -8 -10 -10 -10 -10 -8 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 -5 -10 0 0   That said these are sort of a compromise for me to avoid changing EQ all the time. I'd prefer a smidgen less bass for classical and a smidgen more for electronic/bass driven music.
I'd only recommend the QC15s if you're always travelling by plane. They're very comfortable, but durability is questionable and SQ is mediocre. If price concerns you, they're not worth it, and there's other circumaural portables that are both comfortable and sound better.  If isolation isn't that important to you, you can try some of the looser fitting...
Yeah I don't think many of us have tried them, so a review would be cool :)   EQing certain frequencies down is fine. It's when you start boosting frequencies that you run into some potential problems.
Original Fuze is also a good option. Longer battery life than the clip and not much bigger, and same great SQ
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