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I've heard of people taking the filter out of their SM3s to get more treble. I haven't done it myself though.   That said, the J-Phonics sound like they'd be more transparent than the SM3s
Auction winner hasn't paid so I'll put this back here momentarily
Yeah I was not a fan of the memory wire. I find it more annoying than helpful.
Phonak PFEs
Denons and Ultrasones
no longer on ebay
Anything by digital mystikz Here's a good mix by Mala of DMZ, with plenty of actually good dubstep http://www.xlr8r.com/podcast/2011/05/mala     And here's a Ramadanman track. Youtube version isn't the best but I couldn't find an HD one  
Yeah I would look through the big mega-threads. There's a lot of options at that price range. My personal favorite is the Earsonics SM3, which you can find under $300 in these forums for sale, I believe. Other top tier options would be the Westone UM3X, Sennheiser IE8, etc. There's also plenty of good options in in the 100-150 range, and even cheaper, that you may find to your liking. However, if you think you'll end up upgrading repeatedly, then don't bother with...
Still available. For international its $130 for priority and $140 for express
Could be headphone burn-in or your brain adjusting to the sound or both or neither   hope this helps
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