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Yeah I dunno if Nuforce's house sound is bright in general, but the uDAC is definitely brighter than my T3. I did just get it though so I may need to burn it in some.
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I've gone back to the silicone tips after using the Comply a while and the Complies definitely mask a little of the higher range clarity. I also finally tried the large silicone tips after using only mediums and immediately found a better seal and better bass performance. With an amp and a good seal I'm actually really happy with the bass performance. They might lack the impact a true basshead would want, but they are quite balanced with the black tips, and don't sound...
If he doesn't want the 3's I might be interested in serving as the middle man. I'd buy the Turbines and send them for the 3's
That 22 shipping is their standard rate to the US. It took only two business days for the package to arrive at my door in California.
I haven't done a ton of reviews or a/b comparisons, but I'll try to do my best. Just received my T3 from ibasso and have been using it with my PFE's. My main problem was getting volume out of my laptop, and obviously this fixes that. Although my laptop doesn't seem to have a line-out port, so I plug it into the headphone jack, and it produces a different (fuller, slightly veiled?) sound from when I connect it to the LOD on my older ipod nano. There's also a slight hiss...
Yeah switching from black to grey, the black feels less dynamic but the bass seems slightly more forward (due to the mid/highs being a little more recessed and me needing to turn the volume up to compensate). I'll probably stick with the grey and hope the E5's give a little more bass but if not then no biggie. Where's the cheapest place to get replacement Comply tips?
I got the PFE's after some consideration and have been enjoying them quite a bit. Started off with black filters and medium silicone tips, and my initial impressions were that they were a little bright, but very enjoyable. Then I switched to Comply tips, and the bass sounded a better and overall it seemed more balanced, and of course the sound isolation was a little better. Have been trying the grey filters (which were noticeably louder?), but I think I'll go back to...
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