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The grey filters are really only good for certain types of music imo. The black filters and a warmish amp work great for all types of music, and the bass is more than adequate.
I mostly use the blacks but I'll use the greys from time to time. I prefer the balanced sound signature more for the music I listen to mostly (trance, dubstep, metal). For classical I switch to the greys though.
$2100 universal IEMs? How deliciously absurd!
Has anyone tried that high quality cable they sell for it separately?
Yeah the gain settings should only change the volume
Atrio M5, Cyclone PR2, Monster Turbines, Hippo VB, Audio-Technica CKS70, and UE SF5EB
From the reviews, the Pros seem to be more refined. They listened to the complaints about the originals and fixed the fit and cable issues, and tightened up and extended the sound in both directions slightly. I have not actually heard either so take it with a grain of salt. If you can find a place to demo either version it's worth it.
Interesting, I thought their copper model was supposed to be more neutral sounding while the gold model retained the bass heavy sound of the original. Sounds like the Gold Pro is more neutral than the original Turbines though
Are you trying to improve the quality of the sound or just get the volume louder? If the former I think you should be looking into other areas first.
Quote: Originally Posted by HeadphoneAddict I actually found that with my Westone 3 and silicone tips that the T3 was brighter and the uDAC was less bright, but with my Westone 2 it switches around and the T3 is not as bright while the uDAC is brighter. Very strange, but that's why synergy is important. Yeah those were just my very initial impressions with my PFEs w/silicone tips. Gonna let it burn in a bit. I'll do some more a/bing after I use...
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