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T3 sold PFE still available
Yes that's correct. Sale pending
Line Out Dock
Been charged only once not including factory charge. LOD is also from Ibasso. Would prefer to sell with my Phonak PFEs but not necessary obviously. Looking for $120 shipped or $200 with the PFEs. Everything is in excellent condition. PM me if you have any questions or need references. US only. Thanks for looking. T3 SOLD
Everything is sold
I think the going rate for them is between 225 and 250 so no I wouldn't get them for 300
Quote: Originally Posted by katabatik Sorry to bump this thread, but I think it is pointless to create a new one for the same subject. After much reading in serach of an IEM, I've come down to IE8 vs PFE. I read the whole 10 pages of this thread but still haven't decided yet. I'll be using a Cowon D2+ unamped and listening basically to classical music and jazz. I like an engaging sound experience. I like to feel "immersed" in the music. I'm more of a...
On my laptop I use a Nuforce uDAC and for my portable I got a 3rd gen Ipod Nano with LOD to an ibasso T3. I'll be comparing it to my PFEs mostly I expect they should sound quite similar, no? I'll probably keep one and ditch the other. edit: Hrmm the order has been canceled for some reason... must have been out of stock.
Welp you've convinced me to give these a try. Ordered off Amazon. I'll post some thoughts after I listen to them.
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