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T3 sold PFE still available
Yes that's correct. Sale pending
Line Out Dock http://www.ibasso.com/en/products/show.asp?ID=38
Been charged only once not including factory charge. LOD is also from Ibasso. Would prefer to sell with my Phonak PFEs but not necessary obviously. Looking for $120 shipped or $200 with the PFEs. Everything is in excellent condition. PM me if you have any questions or need references. US only. Thanks for looking. T3 SOLD
Everything is sold
I think the going rate for them is between 225 and 250 so no I wouldn't get them for 300
Quote: Originally Posted by katabatik Sorry to bump this thread, but I think it is pointless to create a new one for the same subject. After much reading in serach of an IEM, I've come down to IE8 vs PFE. I read the whole 10 pages of this thread but still haven't decided yet. I'll be using a Cowon D2+ unamped and listening basically to classical music and jazz. I like an engaging sound experience. I like to feel "immersed" in the music. I'm more of a...
On my laptop I use a Nuforce uDAC and for my portable I got a 3rd gen Ipod Nano with LOD to an ibasso T3. I'll be comparing it to my PFEs mostly I expect they should sound quite similar, no? I'll probably keep one and ditch the other. edit: Hrmm the order has been canceled for some reason... must have been out of stock.
Welp you've convinced me to give these a try. Ordered off Amazon. I'll post some thoughts after I listen to them.
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