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This is not how science works. Theories are the highest "level" you can achieve in science. Even Newton's "laws" are inaccurate in certain situations and have been replaced by Einstein's.   edit: Jeeez I didn't even really look that closely at your post. There's so much wrong there I can't even begin.
Yeah I've been looking for something similar, and it seems the E10 or the Ibasso D-Zero are the best choices at that price range
They're fairly bass heavy. Don't worry about the cable, because it's removable and can be replaced easily. Most users say they're comfortable.   No idea about shipping costs or possible customs fees.
Not unless you find a way to stretch plastic
;)   Most dubstep and all dubstep remixes are terrible, so I was just messing with you
You do that
Yeah I'd tell anyone who's thinking about buying Beats to get the M80s/V80s instead.
The M80s have maybe a slight bass emphasis that's more noticeable at higher volumes, but the presentation and separation are surprisingly sophisticated, so it doesn't get in the way of the other things.
You should also consider the Brainwavz HM5.
The clamp strength is adjustable so you can make it however you like
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