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Just got a pair after looking for a good pair of closed isolating full sized headphones. First impressions with little to no burn in: pretty neutral. Definitely not bass light, so I must have a largish head :) Nothing really offensive, sound-wise. Will listen to some orchestral stuff later to test the soundstage. Top of the headband already seems like it may need some additional padding, but I'll see if it'll soften up over time. Ears definitely get warm quickly.
You're gonna have to be a little more specific about what type of sound you're looking for. Some people like their dance music bass heavy while some want bass neutral with lots of highs.
So I just got my pair in today. Not a huge fan of the cord, but for $29 these are very very good. I prefer bass heavy headphones/iems for the simple fact that it's easier to EQ down than up, and for certain genres of music emphasized sub bass is very good. Dubstep/house/EDM/whatever were meant to be heard on huge sound systems with giant subs, and headphones can't come close to replicating that experience without a little emphasis. Anyways I haven't listened to much...
Well bright headphones will sound bad with badly recorded music, but bad headphones just sound bad all around
I doubt you got a lemon. I think you may need to adjust the positioning/clamp to get the right fit.
Sound leakage isnt a problem that they have. They don't isolate much, though
They would have to be literally paper thin
Looks nice. Name is dumb though, you're right
These have about 20 hours of use and 20 or so hours burn in. They're in perfect condition physically and sound great. Comes with original box and all accessories.   Price includes shipping and paypal to ConUS only. May also consider trade for headphones/IEMs only. PM me if you have any questions.   Thanks
V-Moda Crossfade LP is another option. Should have plenty of sub-bass if that's one of the things you're looking for.
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