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Different tips can definitely give different sound, due to the bore size and how deep they go and the materials used
The word you're looking for is dynamics
Beats by Dre is its own brand. They split from Monster
These came as a freebie from a recent purchase and I don't plan on using them. Price includes USPS priority shipping and paypal fees. Let me know if you have any questions.
Splurged on these, figuring I could return them if I wasn't absolutely impressed. So far these seem like a keeper. Compared to the SM3: 1. Mids aren't as thick, but are still on the warm side. 2. Bass hits harder, to my pleasant surprise. Listening to some DMZ (my sub-bass test) and these can go deep 3. Treble not as laid back, but still smooth. Sibilance not a problem at all.   I tend to be wary of reviews that only say gushing things about a product, so I...
It's possible they made a new revision already, but I think you just happened to get a better fit with the pair you bought. They can be finnicky
I don't think any AT phone could be described as "flat" either. That's not to say they sound bad, but they're generally a bit colored. I may be overgeneralizing a bit though, as I've only heard a couple ATHs. I know their high end consumer phones are more euphonic sounding than neutral.[]=3571&graphID[]=3101   I have not heard the 940 but the K550 has pretty good, relatively flat bass extension. Denon D-X000 are flatter.   The only thing about the K550 is getting a good fit/seal. If you have a small head I wouldn't recommend them.
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