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Creative Aurvana Lives would work well.
I've fallen asleep on my SM64s and they didn't break. Luck of the draw I guess
I find the fit pretty good. The housing body is actually quite small compared to triple-BAs, and theres a ton of tips that fit on them. I haven't had the PFE in a while but the main difference I'd say is its treble, which is definitely sharper.
I think it has the impedance on the box somewhere, but if you ordered it recently you should have the v2
While this didn't work for the OP, I found switching to a different media player worked. With Foobar even light browsing would result in the occasional pop or click, and I could definitely make it stutter by opening up a bunch of tabs at once, but with MusicBee this doesn't happen at all.
Because the Ferrari badge on the headphones themselves cost $300
  Actually if you want to talk about math it's far more likely that one person is hearing something that's not there than hundreds of people not hearing something.
I recommend the TDK BA200 but honestly theres a ton of great options at that price point, from VSonic to Hifiman to Sony
So you're saying if I had a 10 foot long tip with perfect seal it would sound no different than a regular tip with perfect seal?
  Depth of insertion will affect bass too, so longer tips will have less bass than shorter ones, assuming identical depth of insertion.
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