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i don't understand why came from a white 900s box then ?
I don't understand this is 900s or 900, cuz there are details of 900s and 900 ... i bought the white box.  
no one has a recommendation ?
Hi guys i want to buy portable music equipments, which one do you recommend? Android phone + JDS LABS C5D vs Ibasso dx80 or 90
do you have the link, cuz for dat price i only see 900 and not 900s.
lol where? tell me, so i cancel the buy and i get for 230.
I get a UE900S by 269 bucks, i think was a good chance to get it.
I pluged in directly to a Anedio D2 DAC, At volume 80. Im thinking seriously leave beside the headphones and get a pair of monitor studio.
Hi guys, i need advice of headphones cuz it's the second headphones that already get RIP the left driver, the firstone was a DT-880 600ohm and now a AKG K701, this is cuz i put high volume or something like dat? cuz i have a Online UPS.
there is something interesting for you ...
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