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there is something interesting for you ...
and ... with which one i get a flat sound signature?
Well maybe i can give you opinion, when i get the DNA Stratus, he recommended me dat amp, by the way he is a more solid state guy.
i would want know who told to you dat?
John tell to this guy why LD MK VI+ is a thousand time a better choice than WA22 of woo audio, i told him that get buy a LD MK VI+ instead the WA22, so you might tell better why MK VI+ is better than WA22. By the way i told him that buy MK VI+ with upgraded cables, mundorf capacitors, etc etc ...
Can you take a high quality picture and send me the link of any image server please ?
in my humble opinion is a stealing a amp for 2k when you can get a better amp for U$S1350 with Mundorf capacity upgrade + shipping.
sincerely i don't have another benefit that reduce drastically buzz sound with the balanced interconnection, well maybe can be for the difference of Vrms between balanced and unbalanced output sometime happen when the difference between the outputs is much.
what's up dat tubes compared with 5998 tung sol?   I think the only difference between unblanced and balanced cables are the noise, even told dat Donald from DNA, he was Transducer engineer in Boston Acoustic, even dat is my conclusion when i tried with RCA output and XLR output from my Anedio D2, and about the woo audio, i think that they need put 2 couple of transformer more and the amp will be really heavy, i this know cuz Donald told me that he need put a couple of...
there is a lot of difference in SQ between a 5998 tubes and Russian NOS 6as7g? i found this ... these guys manufacture 6as7g tubes i think so ... i don't know how the performance them but it's something
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