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Thanks! I can confirm this also. (updated to 2.07b dunno where it is fixed along the way). Very nice!
The bug that it starts 0:02 of the first song it played since it has been powered on (or the first song to play after a plug was inserted on HO) (this bug is not present when using LO) is kinda getting on my nerves. Can someone confirm if it still exists in FW 2.02b? Thanks!
The bug I mentioned still exists in 2.0.
still no new firmware? this bug is really getting on nerves..
No on-ear/portable headphones? :) I use DT1350 very often with my X5 and that pair is GOOOOD. :)
 How I wish that's the case. Sadly I'm not the type of person who makes that kind of mistake without noticing it immediately. Like when you think you're on the 'System settings' while you're actually in the 'Play settings' and still insisting that you're on 'System settings' for a very long time. Even if I did made that kind of mistake I would instantly check if I'm into something wrong and of course I did check immediately if I'm using LO and not HO. I would not post it...
My X5 did somewhat shocking. Here it is.... I was able to control volume via LO. It happened when I was constantly switching HO/LO and it's like a software bug of the jack detection. Now what I'm curious about is how on earth I was able to control the volume via LO? From what I know, the responsible for the volume is the internal amp. Now I'm having doubts if it's really a pure signal from the DAC or just the software adjusting to the specified volume but still coming from...
 If you can only tell how a headphone sounds from just the frequency response then I'd consider that the same frequency response that is remeasured a hard evidence that SS burn in is not real.
wt* right??! lol!btw, for those who are wondering, the earlier link for 2.0 fw is exactly the same as the new links on the site.SHA-1 checksum is the same: 3c70596c1673755dc411819e97cb47ffb63b0799
Why would you unpack X5's firmware? Is there something customizable for the X5? Sorry don't have X3 so I'm not familiar with the possible customization options.  Anyway, for those of you that want the album art to be fully shown, please vote for this too! Thanks!
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