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 Yeah that's why I indicated depends on the filesystem also. Well that's good enough workaround for me! I will be browsing mostly using folder view anyway. What a relief! :)
Have you tried it personally? Not that I don't trust you or what I just want to be damn sure. If it's the case, it's not a big deal for me.
My pre-order from a local store should arrive anytime next week. Just want to clarify, the 5800 limit is only applicable to the ID3/Tag browsing but not the file browsing right? I mean X5 can read unlimited files as long as it doesn't reach the maximum number of files per folder allowable on the filesystem? Thank you...
   Quote: Finally some good comments about the scroll wheel! I hope it's just different opinion of users than inconsistencies of X5. Will report asap once I got mine!Thanks!
fb acct. already liked for a long time just followed the twitter acct. just replied to this thread hifiman is love!
+1 to the "cover.jpg" to a folder instead of embedding the .jpg to every music files. hope this will be implemented in the future. Also kinda worried about the scrollwheel. I've seen many feedbacks that it is too loose and kinda flimsy. :/ Hope mine arrives next week.
 Philippines please.... :(
 It's way more convenient for me to buy things locally due to the stupid people in the customs. They've got a freebie also but not the S1, it's EP730 of Harman Kardon. It's kinda useless though as they fit terrible in my ears. :/
Got a pre-order locally for 357usd. They don't have info though about the exact date of arrival. :\
 Perfect description! Now the UHS-1 cards seem to be supporting the X5 (Class 10 read/write) rather than the X5 supporting UHS-1.Thanks for detailed explanation as always. :)
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