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I agree that the main key in better seal is the right position. The tighter clamping force is just a bonus for deeper bass but yeah, correct position is definitely more important than tighter clamp.
The Faceless Conquering Dystopia Blotted Science Periphery The HAARP Machine Soilwork Necrophagist ^ My top list for metal.
better not be a smartphone though..
If I wear them with the headband splitted, the bass drastically improves (quantity/quality I would say) so I think the SQ (specially that one of a kind bass) has got something to do with that clamping force..
 Screenshot please? :)
I don't know if I should post a feature request here but I'm doing it anyway since it's just a simple thing.   Just like any iPod and most mp3 players, I think there should be an option where the player remembers what you're playing after you turn it back on without playing it right away. The only way to do this is to toggle last position or last song from Resume in Settings, but it also plays the song immediately. There should be a toggle where you can decide whether it...
Everything looks good. Love how the back button is implemented with the Now Playing. :) Only problem I've seen so far is the slower library scanning compared to 2.20 stable. And the song counter disappears before reaching 2000 songs, leaving the spinning animation icon alone. Not a major issue though but still needs to be fixed.
+1! exFat support please... :)
It's still a preference.. I find the VC02s mids more detailed and transparent than B3s. I also find the VC02 to be more neutral/flat than the B3. And to me, B3 needs more EQing for the mids than VC02. Although I don't use EQ on both.
This is different because I'm comparing it with another IEM (RE-400) and not just from the memory of how it sounded out of the box. And, I already have confimed that a physical driver break-in can result to a change in sound. I have a Sennheiser MX 980 and OMX 980, both have the same drivers, cables, materials. The only difference is that the OMX have earhooks. And more importantly, both sounded exactly the same when they're new. But I happen to use the MX 980 all the time...
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