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What about when Sleek has wireless ready? Will there be anyway of incorporating an amp? Also, are you guys using MP3 or Lossless? Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by rasmushorn Yeah - you should definitely get the Supplier. I have the Fubar III and it is a great source for the Sennheiser HD650. But feed the iQube with the Fubar III's USB DAC and you get even better sounding results. I think the amplifier-part of the Fubar III is the downside of it. So you basically use the IQube for the amp and the Fubar just serves as a DAC only?
Okay, I am just starting out with ipods. I have just got the ipod touch. I have a Macbook and have ripped all of my cds into using Apple Lossless format. I have a USB Preamp/DAC (Redwine Audio Isabella) for my main audio system. Can I use Lossless format to send the songs from my MacBook to the Ipod Touch? Does this lesson storage significantly? And finally, how the heck do you use a portable amp with an Ipod, I don't see a line out on it. Does the headphone out...
I don't really listen to headphone to much anymore so I am selling my MPX3 Slam. The unit has tube adaptors with it. There is a few scratches on the MPX3, none on the face though. The scartches are hard to see so it still looks good. Let me know if there is any interest. Thanks.
Do you know how it would compare to the GS line?
Are you using a sub with the GS-60s for music? I just do not see the need for one as the bass is already pretty hard hitting yet detailed as well. Everyone raves about the mids and highs, but I think the speaker is very balanced although my amp could be helping things out too.
guzziguy, maybe we can trade. I heard Bose makes good products, if you had a pair I would be willing to trade. hehe. Thanks for the replies guys. It sounds like Alex is going to help me out.
I have a problem with my R10s. One of the channels comes in and out, I think it could be a problem with the cable. Does anyone know anyone that does headphone repairs? I do not feel comfortable opening it up and screwing around with it, I would rather pay someone that knows what they are doing. Thanks
Earlier in this thread it was mentioned the GS-1 is bright. I thought this amp had the rep of a warmer sounding solid state amp. Anyone compare the GS-1 to the HR-2?
I have not heard the Saturn with headphones as it is not mine, it is in my friends speaker system. I have heard the Bel Canto with the Single Power MPX 3 Slam and the RSA Stealth. The phones I was using were the HD600 and the Sony R 10s. There is deals on the Bel Canto from Underwood HiFi. This player was supposed to be priced at 5000.00 but Bel Canto screwed up by not have matching compenents (pre/power amp) to show at dealers. Dealers like to sell sets and with...
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