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Selling my Monster Turbine Pro Gold. Selling because they're not great for working out and the ControlTalk, which was partially why I purchased them, doesn't work. The IEMs still play fine, it's just that the ControlTalk doesn't work properly and sometimes needs some prodding (which is why my asking price is so low).   Asking for $60, including PayPal and shipping. Pictures to come!
Sorry, only CONUS for now. It's generally too much hassle to ship outside the country.
Up for sale is my iPod 7th gen in good shape. I'm the second owner and there's a nick on the bottom right hand corner (pictured). It will come with the original box and a new cable. I've barely used it since I've mainly used my phone on the go and it's in good shape.   I am asking $130 shipped and PayPal included. CONUS only please.
Hi all,   Looking for a sub to match with my LS50s for a 2 channel music system. Don't care much about home theater usage.   Generally been looking at REL and JL Audio stuff, but I'll listen to any offers. Willing to pay up to $1200, although I'd love anything cheaper. Don't see too many offers in this price range on Audiogon that I like, so I figured I'd try Head-Fi.
Looking to trade a pair of DT770 Pro 80s for either the ESW9 or the MDR-1R. Also willing to sell too. PM me with any questions!
 Firm on the price. Already selling it at a loss.
Selling a Whiplash TWag LOD with the Oyaide right angle jack. Decent condition. Asking for $50, including PayPal and shipping. Price is firm. PM me with any questions!
Looking to sell my Pico Slim. While I travel a lot for my job, I realized that it didn't make a difference if I amped my IEMs or not on a plane, so I generally haven't used the Slim lately. Great condition, no scratches, maybe a few scruffs just from the leather case. Comes with the leather case and charger. Asking for $260, including PayPal and shipping. Looking only to sell right now, CONUS please.
Looking to sell a pair of Rooth LS8s. Bought it a bit ago, but I never ended up reshelling it. I don't use it and can't see myself using them anytime soon, so I'm putting them up for sale. They'll come with a blue Pelican-type case and a Westone-style cable.   Looking for $400 including shipping and PayPal. Looking to sell only for now, CONUS please. Price is firm.
Selling my pair of FAD Piano Forte VIIIs. Got them in a trade last week, but while they sound great, they don't fit my very small ears. I believe I'm the second owner and the IEMs are ok looking, but don't have the shine of a new pair (see the pictures). Still sound great though and I have all the accessories. Probably a 7/10 on the Audiogon scale. Looking for $OLD including PayPal and shipping. All accessories included. Willing to listen to trades too. Price is firm, this...
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