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For sale are my recabled Sony MH1s. They were recabled by Head-Fier luisdent and sound fantastic -- honestly not a huge difference between this and many $200-300 IEMs (ER4, GR10, etc.). Will come with an assortment of tips. Be aware that the recable is relatively short, so if you're 6' or taller, you might have trouble using these IEMs.   Asking for $65 including shipping and PayPal fees.
Not super hopeful on this, but looking for a C5i or C7R. Flexible on the price, PM me to see if we can work it out.
There's a substantial difference in value. I wouldn't say the MH1s are better but are a better value and for my uses they're great. The GR8 is very very solid as well.
Looking to sell my ESW9LTDs. Perfect condition, given them less than 20 hours. Will come with box and all accessories. Selling because I just don't use a supra-aural hearing as much as I thought I would. Not great for planes. Asking for $330 including all fees and shipping. PM me if you're interested!
 Few meaning two weeks ago. It was sold on Head-Fi -- probably just someone who just didn't think it was right. It's a pretty great headphone -- I'm likely going to keep it. I've been pretty out of the headphone game though, so I don't have any great comparisons. It does have that great AT house sound though.
I bought a used pair a few weeks ago. Didn't like them at all the first couple of hours listening, felt really congested. However, I gave it time and either it opened up, or more likely, I got used to it after only using IEMs for a while. Amazing with female vocals, the best I've ever heard there.
I'm in! Would definitely prefer the US for this.
Selling an 8-core hybrid copper/silver cable that Zack of Nocturnal Audio did for me. In terms of usability, this is absolutely the best cable I've ever had, more flexible than any cable I've ever used. Small Viablue plug, wood splitter, regular UE/Westone-style pins. Selling because I have no use for it anymore.   Looking for $90 shipped.
 Oh my. Those are gorgeous, much better than the stock photo. Tempted to buy them -- is PriceJapan the best option for those of us in the US?
Selling a pair of Frogbeats C4s. Bought them quite some time ago, but never got them reshelled. I'm still not sure if I'll ever get them reshelled, so putting them up for others to enjoy. Frogbeats doesn't make CIEMs anymore, so this is probably one of your last chances to get your hands on this guy. Here are some reviews for the...
New Posts  All Forums: