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Hi all,   Looking for a sub to match with my LS50s for a 2 channel music system. Don't care much about home theater usage.   Generally been looking at REL and JL Audio stuff, but I'll listen to any offers. Willing to pay up to $1200, although I'd love anything cheaper. Don't see too many offers in this price range on Audiogon that I like, so I figured I'd try Head-Fi.
Looking to trade a pair of DT770 Pro 80s for either the ESW9 or the MDR-1R. Also willing to sell too. PM me with any questions!
 Firm on the price. Already selling it at a loss.
Selling a Whiplash TWag LOD with the Oyaide right angle jack. Decent condition. Asking for $50, including PayPal and shipping. Price is firm. PM me with any questions!
Looking to sell my Pico Slim. While I travel a lot for my job, I realized that it didn't make a difference if I amped my IEMs or not on a plane, so I generally haven't used the Slim lately. Great condition, no scratches, maybe a few scruffs just from the leather case. Comes with the leather case and charger. Asking for $260, including PayPal and shipping. Looking only to sell right now, CONUS please.
Looking to sell a pair of Rooth LS8s. Bought it a bit ago, but I never ended up reshelling it. I don't use it and can't see myself using them anytime soon, so I'm putting them up for sale. They'll come with a blue Pelican-type case and a Westone-style cable.   Looking for $400 including shipping and PayPal. Looking to sell only for now, CONUS please. Price is firm.
Selling my pair of FAD Piano Forte VIIIs. Got them in a trade last week, but while they sound great, they don't fit my very small ears. I believe I'm the second owner and the IEMs are ok looking, but don't have the shine of a new pair (see the pictures). Still sound great though and I have all the accessories. Probably a 7/10 on the Audiogon scale. Looking for $OLD including PayPal and shipping. All accessories included. Willing to listen to trades too. Price is firm, this...
Looking for some IEM cables in the $100 price range, give or take a bit. Not really sure what I'm looking for, but offer me. More interested in cables that have good flexibility and usability and would prefer no memory wire and a right-angle plug, but not too picky. PM me if you have any!
Looking to sell my pair of Etymotic HF3s in cobalt. I have most of the accessories for the HF3s, but don't have the original box. PM me if you'd be interested in a sale!
Selling my Whiplash TwCu cable for FitEar IEMs (TG334, F111, Parterre). In good condition, it's 4 strand copper with an Oyaide straight plug. Slightly greened near the ears, but in good shape other than that.   Looking for $100 shipped and PayPal included. CONUS only for now please.
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