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Would you consider shipping to Canada?
price includes shipping? if not how much for canada?
Oh how I wish I had the money. I've been really interested in trying Noble's UIEM's, reviews are scarce. This is a great price for anyone that is looking at getting these new, which is why I'm cringing right now. hahaha   I'm in the same boat caracara08, I have many things to pay off but I'm too much of a hoarder to sell my precious headphone collection. hahaha Cheers and good luck with the sale my friend.
Would you do a bundle price for the E17 + E09K? If so how much? Cheers.
How would someone get a $1000 pair of earphones for a pair of sub $500 earphones? Plus the SE535 isn't a discontinued model.. Anyways. How much would shipping be within Canada?   Cheers.
Can you prove they are real? I just bought a pair from a trusted seller on ebay, and they turned out to be fake. Luckily I got a refund, but now I'm extra cautious.
Anyone listen to the IE 60?
...looking for the same information here. Anyone own the IE 60's ??? I feel like it would be worth spending more for the IE 60's as they are similar to the IE 80's, which are awesome.
I paid over $300 with taxes for my westone 3's over a year ago, thought it was worth it then. for around $200, without a doubt. The sound is amazing you won't be disappointed.
I personally love the M50's. They have a great sound its deep and warm, but not over-powering. I don't find it ever gets muddy or too pronounced. I haven't really listened to many Sol Republic products, only one to be exact.. but I don't remember what model it was. I remember being surprised but I wasn't a fan, as you mentioned seemed a little to bass heavy. Just my two cents. Hope I was but a little helpful. Cheers
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