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Apologies to Jerry Harvey! I meant JH. I guess too many late nights and my use of JbL for years in PA's overode the H!   Oh I thought the RE0's owned UM3X RC's I had for a few months in terms of flat frequency response so I sold them!
Sorry I did mean the 272's
I think you guys should include SOny green Hybrids in the showdown! Some people prefer these over the olives & COmply!
Obviously the enclosure is very important but assuming it is done decently at the low or mid range it will be less important than the drivers used. Most people here aren't going as high end os you. I agree digital X-over with sprectrum analysed EQ is the go. The new JH 16 System will be interesting to have a listen too when Jerry finally sorts out the engineering &  production  issues!
As a studio engineer myself I can say that this is a ridiculous statement. An engineer might have  a listen to how a mix sounds on a set of can's but none of them are required to make a quality recording OR to "listen and fully appreciate" the music. Most mixes & listening are done on a variety of quality studio monitor's which almost NEVER have multiple drivers for the same frequency band! The only reason to use multiple drivers is to increase sound pressure level with...
Heard anything about how long now for production models to be sold please?
Get anything from HiFiMan. I sold my UM3X's after hearing even their $79 jobbie the RE0 ... extremely natural flat frequency response like good studio monitors. Not designed to peak anything. Some prefer the RE Zero limited but the RE 262's are meant to be amazing though to shine most you will need an amp. For $300 you could get a great amp, the 262's & have change!   If you want coloured sound like Westone UM3X look elsewhere!
  Is this price only temporary while they are out of stock? or?
Seconded what portable amp (if any) has a balance out?
I trashed my Westone UM3X RC's after "downgrading to cheap RE0's   I am used to listen to spectrum analysed & room EQ'd studio monitors and these are the flattest in ears I have heard so far. I know I am a wanker but most people have no idea what flat accurate frequency response is ... they like to be excited!   I'll try Westone 4's but I doubt they are flat ... Would also like to try the up coming Head (now Hifiman) RE262  
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