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Have had my CE3P's on my head for a day now and I'm very impressed! The units are amazingly comfortable and sound better than I expected for a mid level model. Will post a review and pictures after I spend some more time with them, but I am definitely more than satisfied!
Well just got notification of shipment! Mine must have just barely made the finishing cutoff!!!!! I can't wait now!!
Finally was able to get the impressions delivered......used ups and that was a big mistake:/ I had asked to make sure there would be no further charges upon delivery but there was, which in itself was bad enough, but they NEVER contacted me, Cosmic Ears did though very promptly! Had the hardest time to pay the extra fees imposed by ups kept getting transferred and then told by everyone that they couldn't take payments and that they couldn't transfer me to someone who...
Do I hear a cough? Haha, any sick days left;P might need one;-)
Awesome, enjoy!
6 weeks isn't bad, at least they are very upfront about it! Also shows they are quite popular and do care about quality and not just rushing out less than stellar products. I have had very good communication with them as well, very pleased with their customer service for sure!Still though, six weeks is going to kill me.......
Well I ended up going with the max fit, got the CE3P in blue with red logos. Was originally going to test their house sound with lowest model to see if I liked their sound at all. Ended up reading here and found people who had similar tastes in over the ear headphones and thought I'd go higher up the chain and save for some CE6Ps. Excited to have some IEMS that will fit my strangely shaped canals!
So do you find the Max fit uncomfortable? Or just a good firm fit? I'm leaning more towards the max.
Any comments on the differences between the two fit choices? I am planning on wearing them for a few hours a day and being in the US don't won't to have the "comfortable" fit be too loose but don't want them to be so tight they hurt!
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