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Nice! They look awesome;-)I live in a rather rual area and the audiologist was booked out for a very long time, but I have them and can't wait to hear the units.
Excited! Ordered some CE1W's back in March and finally was able to get into the audiologist to get some impressions done! Can't wait to get my feet wet in the CIEM game;-)
I've had my Monster Turbine Pro's sitting in a drawer with broken cables that I've just been busy and haven't taken the time to rip into and recable. Thinking I might try and send them out to fisher to reshell as I could never get them to fit well.
I have had a couple small problems in the past with Amazon, but a call (surprisingly quick calls too!) and it was resolved no problems at all!! Could not be happier with their service......well maybe if they just gave me my orders for free I'd be happier;P
Finally had the time to open mine, and man they are really well laid out and very well made! Nice job!!
I would love to buy 3 if I could! 
Here, dont know why the other link stopped working
Just got some, excited to try them out!
I've really been enjoying my Etymotic HF5's, sound way better than their 100 dollar price tag!
Man you guys are all tempting me!
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