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Just a quick note of reassurance for those slightly less than delighted with wait times for Toxic Cables. Take it from the proud possessor of two such cables:   IT'S REALLY, REALLY WORTH IT!  
      Just revisiting Sea Witch's demo tapes (released as 'As Above' and 'So Below') last night and was struck by just how awesome they are. It's almost like these guys invented crusty blackened doooom all by themselves and have never heard anyone else doing it. I also like how the budget recording techniques strangle some of the percussion work into industrial slurps and swirls too. Music to get utterly lost in.   Also: Who would have thought after P aa opal Poere...
Not normally one given to hyperbole or indeed florid verbiage, when "The Kitchen System" recently evolved into:   AK 380 > Audioquest Big Sur > Wells Audio Milo > Silver Poison > LCD4   I could only really say one thing: "Wow".   That is all.
Quite simple for me: I'll probably buy this. If it does what it says it does and sounds as fantastic as I think it might (and there's every chance it will given Chord's track record) then I'll be very happy and will use it every day.   I can't afford a Bugatti but I don't go on car forums and complain that they're overpriced. I just take the bus to work.
Just to let you know that I successfully placed an order on the TC website just now. It seemed to work ok.
I'm delighted with mine. No hiss whatsoever on any headphone.
OP here. Delighted that people are STILL rocking the older iRiver players and modding them. They were an absolute classic for sure.   And me? Well... I'm still SORT OF listening to an iRiver every day, only it's got the words 'Astell' and 'Kern' on it...
Finally got my hands on one. Many thanks to 00lunar for the perfect transaction.
I'm still looking.....
New Portal: "Vexovoid". Scary.  
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