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Just to let you know that I successfully placed an order on the TC website just now. It seemed to work ok.
I'm delighted with mine. No hiss whatsoever on any headphone.
OP here. Delighted that people are STILL rocking the older iRiver players and modding them. They were an absolute classic for sure.   And me? Well... I'm still SORT OF listening to an iRiver every day, only it's got the words 'Astell' and 'Kern' on it...
Finally got my hands on one. Many thanks to 00lunar for the perfect transaction.
I'm still looking.....
New Portal: "Vexovoid". Scary.  
Bump.   Anyone?
Does anyone in the UK have an RSA P-51 Mustang they want to sell? Weird colour or battered to hell not a problem as long as it works perfectly.   Also anyone elsewhere in the world who's willing to post to the UK.   Many thanks!
@ Venasa:   1) Set up all the hardware connections (computer USB to 'USB DAC' on the 602, and 602's Line Out to your amp) and switch everything on.   2) Go to System Preferences on your Mac, select 'Sound', and choose the 'Output' tab. You should see your 602 as one of the output devices. Select this instead of 'Headphones'.   3) Now go to your Applications folder, choose 'Utilities', then 'Audio MIDI Setup'. Again you should see the 602 in the list of devices on the...
The Body - All the Waters of the Earth Shall Turn to Blood     Forgot how downright odd this album is. Exemplary adventurousness.
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