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Do you think the gamma2 performs better because it costs much more than an ODAC?
How old is it, are you the original owner, is it still under warranty, can I get more pics?
The laptop is in a difficult to reach position...
You have to pierce a sheet of paper to unscrew the diaphragm from the case.
Maybe you got a fake pair or your friend damaged the drivers. What are you using to drive them?
A friend of mine who goes to business school at my university tried to buy monster headphones. She bought it online from a scam website and was out $300 and had to cancel her credit card. She eventually bought a pair from Best Buy (hurr). I gave them a listen and was like "is this a joke"?  They are terrible, even more so given the retail price. A fool and his money...   i.e. the bashing is justified. They are an immoral company taking advantage of plebs.
  Doing this mod voids the warranty, but you could try to sneak a replacement through amazon.   There shouldn't be a special break-in period needed. You can try to expose all the holes.  It seemed to work fine for someone else here, but for me, leaving 1 hole covered worked best.  
pics? What pads are there to re-wrap?  The earpads just snap back in place... It should be easy enough to solder them back on, just be quick (minimize heat transferred to the drivers) or you might damage the drivers.
I have an extra Nokia 808 PureView up for sale or trade.  It is completely new.  I opened up the box to inspect the contents and make sure the phone was functional (it is).  Other than that, it is completely unused.  Looking for quick sale.  $510 490  480 470 sold at $460 shipped to the continental US or a trade or cash+trade.    If you haven't heard of this phone, it is the #1 cameraphone on the planet, and has fantastic photo/video/audio performance. More...
I would think that the process of doing this mod on the 580 is identical to doing it on the 780 or the 900 pro.   It would take a lot of math and physics to calculate how much this mod increases the bass, but as many have reported, there's a noticeable difference.  If you're not afraid of voiding your warranty, try the mod and report back.  It's reversible.
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