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FWIW, the ferrite is to protect components connected to the cable, since the cable acts as an antenna and pics up RF.Thanks for the info.
I'm looking at building one.  I have a triad 12v unregulated wallwart.  Will it be safe to use?
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Glad I could help,dill Either my headphones or my ears have burned in, but here are the current settings I'm running which tickle my eruption button.
  It's not a secret. I wasn't going to make the effort to spell it out if there was no interest.I use equalization in addition to a foobar2k add-on (channel mixer).And of course, everyone has different upstream equipment as well as personal tastes, so some tweaking will be necessary.
The HD650 is capable of plenty of sub-bass without fancy cables or amps ( an amp is still required tho). PM me for a way to get impressive sub-bass from your HD650s for free.
I'm building some amplifiers as gifts for friends but ran into a problem.  The cases I bought have aluminum front and rear panels and I was planning on having both the 3.5mm input jack and the DC jack on one end.  The DC jacks I bought are all metal which, due to my lack of foresight, ties the negative lead to the rest of the aluminum panel.  Since the 3.5mm jack connects the panel to ground, this causes DC to flow through the signal pathway.    Does anyone have any...
Do you think the gamma2 performs better because it costs much more than an ODAC?
How old is it, are you the original owner, is it still under warranty, can I get more pics?
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