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  Yeah same here, at least we got the pre-order price! More info can be found on the Head-Direct website.  
^ Ha. Still, to sit down and read 162 pages from start to end is very different to following a 162 page long thread.
More news for those who haven't yet ordered.   The price of the second batch HM-602 is now $439 USD so you missed the pre-order price... BUT to quote Head-Direct,     So for those people feeling bummed about missing out on free RE262s, feel bummed no more!
This means any new orders will be for the second batch and the price is now $440 USD but this includes a free pair of RE262 and free international express shipping. So for those feeling bummed about missing the free RE262s... feel bummed no longer!
XLD all the way. You just have to find a good guide to set it up. If you have trouble finding one let me know and I'll email you one.
    Quote: x2
You either break the law, settle for a crap selection of free legal music or go out and start buying (second-hand) cds yourself.
Yay thanks for the post Fang! EDIT: No longer valid after Fangs edit.
Any plans to add the Etymotics HF5 to the list? They certainly are getting some good praise around here recently.
You can't delete your own threads can you?
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