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Posts by Hero Kid =   To be clear. 20% discount on IEM's, $220 Silver cable, USB Memory Stick, Unique Melody t-shirt! Oh yeah, no dodgy hidden shipping fee's either!
Potentially crazy deal from Unique Melody (UM) coming up!   Considering they have previously offered 20% off... this could be very interesting!
^ Good one... however I like it more as this:    
Because it is a small, cheap bus powered DAC.
Sold pending payment.
Jesus why not just post it here? It is clear that people are interested...   Edit: Sorry I can see how my post comes across as condescending. That was not my intent.
... and back on topic?
For those of you interested I created a new thread relevant to all of this... New Balanced Schiit Amps? The information and anticipation thread.
     Quote:   Indeed the colours look great! That said, is it just me or does the fit look very... shallow?
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