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No new news that I am aware of... If it is not in the first post I have not read it.
Back in the day there was a lot of fuss and praise for the Sensorcom dual-flanges.
  Facepalm... or troll?
Who is Peter... ?
^^ Lol.
The only thing that turned me off the Merlin was the vent it has for the dynamic driver. As an isolation junkie it was a killer.
If they processed the orders in the order in which they came, which I suspect they would, it would be both
-   This is a fruitless debate. Enjoy the deal guys.
Exciting! They seem to send things via express post platinum so I hope it will be here soon. Bloody weekend in the way though! :/
You honestly think UM only did all this to steal their own customers(!!!) away from this group buy, in spite? I do not think they owe any apologies to anyone. Hell they seem to have been great throughout this whole process...
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