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A big thumbs up from me. This feature should be on every single forum in my opinion.
Err they are archives... Why should you be able to edit archives?
Very annoying indeed. Some one whip those coders over at Huddler a bit harder
You should be able to tell by how many drivers/crossovers there are.
Although it is somewhat inferior...
What is it? Answer:  
    Quote: You can get more in-depth answers to those questions from this thread:   I will answer them quickly. 1) Yes. 2) Both. 
Saw a guy with HD 25-1s today. How I miss those 'phones (kinda).
Err the CLAS is a DAC?  
No he has not mentioned what tubes they plan to use... Either way I would be surprised if they did not recommend tube rolling (if your budget allows). You can do a hell of a lot to play with a hybrid amps sound by playing with tubes, allowing buyers to (generally) get the sound they want from it.
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