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Err the CLAS is a DAC?  
No he has not mentioned what tubes they plan to use... Either way I would be surprised if they did not recommend tube rolling (if your budget allows). You can do a hell of a lot to play with a hybrid amps sound by playing with tubes, allowing buyers to (generally) get the sound they want from it.
No new news that I am aware of... If it is not in the first post I have not read it.
Back in the day there was a lot of fuss and praise for the Sensorcom dual-flanges. http://www.sensorcom.com/product.asp?P_ID=1142&PT_ID=268
  Facepalm... or troll?
Who is Peter... ?
^^ Lol.
Exciting! They seem to send things via express post platinum so I hope it will be here soon. Bloody weekend in the way though! :/
What... you got yours already mate? Where are mine!
http://www.uniquemelody.co/launchpromo/ =   To be clear. 20% discount on IEM's, $220 Silver cable, USB Memory Stick, Unique Melody t-shirt! Oh yeah, no dodgy hidden shipping fee's either!
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