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That is awesome. I added it to the first post - I hope you do not mind!
  I finally got around to doing this. Hopefully this makes it easier to find the information you want/are interested in!
You could try and email UM. They are generally pretty helpful and if they can they should provide you with a (better) picture.   My Miracles just turned up today. I was lucky enough to get 20% off via the Australian group buy. I am yet to give them a good listen but they look and feel great. Here are two quick photos:    
Seems fixed?
This thread is much more friendly with two certain individuals on a block list. That is all I am saying.
A big thumbs up from me. This feature should be on every single forum in my opinion.
Err they are archives... Why should you be able to edit archives?
Very annoying indeed. Some one whip those coders over at Huddler a bit harder
You should be able to tell by how many drivers/crossovers there are.
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