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Regarding those new prices... what were they in the past? I forgot :/
Haha, well spotted!  
That is indeed a very cool feature!
Hey Jason do you think this thread still has merit? It seems like you just have to double post in it...
That is awesome. I added it to the first post - I hope you do not mind!
  I finally got around to doing this. Hopefully this makes it easier to find the information you want/are interested in!
You could try and email UM. They are generally pretty helpful and if they can they should provide you with a (better) picture.   My Miracles just turned up today. I was lucky enough to get 20% off via the Australian group buy. I am yet to give them a good listen but they look and feel great. Here are two quick photos:    
Seems fixed?
This thread is much more friendly with two certain individuals on a block list. That is all I am saying.
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