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Why are you expecting/hoping for this? This is high-end gear we taking about here, not entry level. You pay big bickies for small amounts of refinements, as they are generally hard to achieve.   I am going to speculate that the LCD-3s will be an improvement, sure, but I would not be expecting twenty-plus percent worth.
They are (going on producing the LCD-2). According to their facebook they will have them back in stock on Thursday.  
Or try the first post in this thread: I think I have caught everyone's early impressions.
  The fundamental difference I can see is closed vs open. Not everyone can get away with listening to open phones (myself included sadly). That said it will be an interesting battle    
Yep the non-USB models are currently shipping. Users have already started receiving theirs. See the first post for a collection of relevant posts. I am not aware of any USB models that have shipped yet. They are nearly here though, from what Jason says.  
Deary me I hate that we have to, or at least you guys have to, keep checking each of the individual threads. I will add a tab of (early) user impressions/reviews to the first post in the other thread. Hopefully that will help.   EDIT: A link to the other thread:
Ding ding ding. We have a winner!
  Yeah common'... there are more customers in the world than you guys, especially with all their promotions they have been running. Just sit back, relax and wait for the good times to roll on in.
He already did. Search the first post for "stack" ;)
You got free hoodies! Correction: You got one free hoodie... if you got on-board the crazy train early enough.
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