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Or try the first post in this thread: I think I have caught everyone's early impressions.
  The fundamental difference I can see is closed vs open. Not everyone can get away with listening to open phones (myself included sadly). That said it will be an interesting battle    
Yep the non-USB models are currently shipping. Users have already started receiving theirs. See the first post for a collection of relevant posts. I am not aware of any USB models that have shipped yet. They are nearly here though, from what Jason says.  
Deary me I hate that we have to, or at least you guys have to, keep checking each of the individual threads. I will add a tab of (early) user impressions/reviews to the first post in the other thread. Hopefully that will help.   EDIT: A link to the other thread:
Ding ding ding. We have a winner!
He already did. Search the first post for "stack" ;)
You got free hoodies! Correction: You got one free hoodie... if you got on-board the crazy train early enough.
Regarding those new prices... what were they in the past? I forgot :/
Haha, well spotted!  
That is indeed a very cool feature!
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