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Can I ask how much you sold these for? Cheers.
  Here is my speculation. Because this is a (somewhat) entry level DAC, most of the people buying them are not confident reviewers and/or do not feel comfortable posting their impressions.    
  I was thinking the same thing...
  I am obviously not paying enough attention because I am unsure what you are talking about... Could you PM me with an explanation?
Apparently the price of the statement amp will be $750, give or take a few dollars. More realistic pricing bellow.   Bump for good measure.
Good luck finding some R10s for two grand!  
This post has no real place here. Try one of the LCD-2s threads where it is actually relevant, and has already been discussed.
I am sorry, I must have missed it, but what PayPal problem are we talking about here? I am simply curious.  
Why are you expecting/hoping for this? This is high-end gear we taking about here, not entry level. You pay big bickies for small amounts of refinements, as they are generally hard to achieve.   I am going to speculate that the LCD-3s will be an improvement, sure, but I would not be expecting twenty-plus percent worth.
They are (going on producing the LCD-2). According to their facebook they will have them back in stock on Thursday.  
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