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Received from SoundEarphones on the 10th of Nov 2011! Are completely new, sealed in box. Selling because I have no need for universal IEMs these days with my customs.   I had the older v1 model, which sounded fantastic. These are a great improvement. I will include an unused pair of the famous Sensorcom double-flanges. These tips really helped improve the sound of my older v1s, opening up the top end.   PRICE IS FIRM and includes postage to anywhere in the...
Removed the question mark and we have an answer!  
From my (limited) experience I would say headphones.
If it means anything mine certainly pegged. I had a good chuckle to myself.
Ha my comment was only a playful poke. But yes, more impressions are always welcome! :)
Nice to see this thread is still on-topic ;)
Sennheiser HD 202s are ever popular here with music students. I generally see Beats once every three days now as well.
And.... everything in the first post is up to date. Keep the impressions rolling in!
Can I ask how much these sold for? Cheers.
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