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The most recent news is Schitt is aiming for a simultaneous release of a balanced DAC and amp in January and "no earlier". They are still sticking with the idea that these products are going to be revolutionary.   For the full quote see the first page :)
^ Good one!
     Quote:   It is quite rare for JH Audio to offer discounts, so jump on this while the offer is hot (is my advice)!
   Quote: Where does it say you have to (or even recommend it for that matter)?  
PM replied to.
PM sent.
Price drop.
Yep the more ergonomic housing and removable cable really complete the package. They really should have been included in the first version (imo). But yes from what I have read they sound exactly the same as the previous version.
Received from SoundEarphones on the 10th of Nov 2011! Are completely new, sealed in box. Selling because I have no need for universal IEMs these days with my customs.   I had the older v1 model, which sounded fantastic. These are a great improvement. I will include an unused pair of the famous Sensorcom double-flanges. These tips really helped improve the sound of my older v1s, opening up the top end.   PRICE IS FIRM and includes postage to anywhere in the...
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