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  Err... you do realise you really should be using a phonostage in the equation don't you? It will sound **** without one... Read up all about RIAA curves and you will understand why.
Listen to it and decide for yourself. An amp can certainly change the sound (for better and worse). Having an amp fed from a true LO is preferable, but it does not mean double amping is by default a sin.
Not my post but here we go:   Here are some of the non-snake-oil reasons you asked for: 1. Automatic sample rate switching (as you noted). Briefly, iTunes has to be closed, Audio MIDI reset, and iTunes then reopened in order to play a track with a different sample frequency bit-perfectly. This one is the major problem that all of those address. 2. Memory play. Many of the alternatives you mention can load the entire track into memory prior to playing. The idea is this...
Quoters fail.   Regardless, nice write up warp08!
  Check out the cables made by qusp, they could be right up your alley.
  As a fellow eighteen year old who owns a Miracle, take my advice and do not get a credit card to purchase one! As you said, horrible idea!    
  And I suppose you think I am somehow responsible for you getting yourself in trouble with the Staff here at Head-Fi? You did that all by yourself buddy. If you have not already I suggest you have a read of the posting guidelines or even the terms of service, maybe then you will see the error of your ways.   As far as being relevant... from what I remember of your now deleted posts you were inquiring about the wait time of other customers. As a fellow customer of Unique...
Have you even tried contacting UM yet? You cross-posting the same post everywhere is a pretty bad look in my eyes... especially when you did not even post in one relevant thread (Merlins).  
Edit: Wrong thread.
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