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Cool to see this thread still kickin' 
You poor bastards. I can not believe this is still unfolding for some of you. (followed this from the start, just re-visited Head-Fi).
The first post is finally back up to date guys. Sorry for anyone that felt neglected during the past month - life has been busy!
I am not sure if anyone has seen this yet but I figured I would cross post it.     And from my readings it is likely to be released along side a mid-tier solid state headphone amp (or the same dimensions) in Q1.
     Quote: JHA do not do re-molds. There are a lot of members here who swear by Unique Melody to do their remolds. Check out the appreciation thread here: There are also other companies that provide the service.
For those of you based in Australia not yet aware i-Enjoy now has stock of the Bifrost. Prices for the non-USB model is $450 and with USB it is $550.   From what I can gather it is first in best served so if you have been waiting don't dally!
  Somewhere buried in the first post is Jason saying it is OK to stack them, with the amp on top. So yeah, it should be fine.
Keep it on topic. Cable debates are boring at the best of times, but more so when they are off-topic!
Good thing this thread has a lot of pictures recently... :/
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