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bumping this thread a bit.   My own research seems to have brought up the archos 5. Any other suggestions? By the way another thing that i'm looking out for is no camera integrated in the player.
Hi   I'm looking to upgrade from my sansa clip to something that will allow me to watch videos on the go that is not an ipod touch. Because I hadn't been following all these headfi news for quite a while now, i'm a bit lost as to what are some of the better pmps around in the current market, and was wondering if you guys can help me out here.   I'm looking for a pmp that: - is suitable for playing videos (decent screen size, resolution etc) - has decent to...
Sorry for your loss. Seriously ashamed that something like this came from a fellow Singaporean.   I suspect that fella might have actually got the item, but he might be lying to you to try and make you feel better so that you don't go after him so much? What you can try is enter the tracking number in Singpost's website here: If it says delivered then that justin fella is really just pulling your leg  
Happy Holidays!
Hopefully. I just had them ordered. Guess we won't know for sure till late december.   Hope the live chat guy was really just a goondoo.
Anyone can confirm that? I was asking the live chat guy and he said I won't be able to take advantage of the deal if it says oos. But then again he didn't seem very well informed himself. He didn't know what the deal of the day was and took a long time to check.   If they are really going to charge the original price when it ships out, I will be able to cancel the order before it ships right?
hmm i wonder what temporarily out of stock means   Heh any chance I will be able to cop one from you? If they are really sold out and i won't be able to get one myself
wow that's quite amazing. Fakes are actually improving ! Quite heartening actually. So all 30gb of songs on that card works?
After using my bravo for a bit more than a month, here are my impressions.   My Bravo V2 is currently un-modded. I will attempt to mod it after my exams The headphones that i used were AD700, M50, dba-02 Yeah i know none of them needs amping  But anyway...   Build quality seems acceptable enough. I expected it to be worse but it looks well made enough to last a quite while as long as I don't fiddle around with it too much. I don't like the power supply...
pics of you wearing em please
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