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Guys, do you know whether the irDAC remote can control Arcam's old amplifiers volume, in the manual it says that "The volume (+ and –) and mute (@) buttons control any Arcam amplifier." I wonder if it will control Arcam's A85...
A great deal indeed! I had issues with the posting location (Europe is excluded), but contacted the seller and he set the listing accordingly. I have connected it to my laptop via USB.  At the moment the DAC is running at home while I am at work.There is already a noticeable difference between my Matrix M-Stage AMP/DAC and the irDAC, but will post more impressions after further burn-in.
 I have ordered the DAC via this exact Ebay offer about two weeks ago, and it is with me for three days now. I was not excited at first after opening the box and plugging it straight away.After just 10 hours of burn in and driver installation I did notice a massive improvement. Will continue the burn in process for the next couple of days and will let you know my opinion.
Good old project86, gotta love this man, great review as always, thanks!
Thanks, mate
Guys, can you tell me where I can find the latest HM 700 firmware? And what is the latest firmware version? I just ordered the device and I want to update when it comes... Thanks
HAhah thank you, coming from someone living in Australia that's a big compliment  Thanks, mate =))
  hahah well, it's almost the same as with the headphones guys, think of the "Non-audiophile reactions to high-end headphones" thread... 
  It's not everybody's thing of course, but thanks for admitting it's a beautiful colored tarantula. =)
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