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Looks like a good start.
Highflying: You have me thinking.
Highflying: I developed a similar finish using a high quality house paint, a semi-dry roller and secretly, now well known, technique. Take look at my DIY, retro-thermionic blog spot (Google it).
Take a look at my genuine America Oak wood knobs on my Audio Bastard blog.
  Here I posted my 2N3055 headphone amp (Woody Pro) and said how much I enjoined it. I was forced to use it because I sold my Tubed HP amp. I bought some Beyerdynamics DT770s (250ohm) but found Woody Pro wouldn't drive it quite loud enough being an emitter follower. So I added my new Tube and Pass B1 preamp "Parley" in front of Woody. The additional gain of Parley and the nice tube warmth created a great synergy and had the 770s pumping.    I used a single stage...
Look sweet.
Very smart looking build.
Oatley Electronics Australia, who is famous for the portable triode headphone (HP) amp, the K272C (latest iteration), has been working hard to produce a truly new and revolutionary home based HP amp. This time they are going out on a limb and have designed a unique and powerful output stage. It works in Class A and uses two small power Fets to drive the phones in a push-pull fashion. Both power devices are on at all times and the back-end has a tight grip on your...
I was given these prototype cct. brds. (populated) some years back but only recently have I started to listen to them. There was a K311 and now a K311B and I think there maybe a "C". I have the schematic but at this point will not publish it. The amp is by Oatley Electronics. It uses two 2SK170 jFets for amplification but a strange power FET push-pull config to drive the HPs. It burns a lot of current and the power FETs are mounted to on-board heat sinks. Strange. Lets...
Good work.
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