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So anyone intrested?
Shipping costs for the buyer, can also pick it up at my place if you prefer. I live in the Netherlands near Amsterdam.
Please close this, I can't seem to find the button. Thank you.
Interested as well. I am a bit confused as to what the plans are if there are already some. Please, I would appreciate a link of relevance, ty.
Hi there,   I'm looking for a 3.5 to 3.5 male interconnect. All my previous cables died after about a month of use. That is from general electrical store purchases. I would like for it to not be so long around 40 cm would be great. As for the plugs themselves I rather have them small as my phones are sometimes used on the move and don't want to destroy the jack. I would really like this cable to last at least a year.    You can offer what you have to offer at a...
Jamie T The Black Seeds Kasabian Netsky & Skream Netsky Bonobo Alt J   And others I forgot
Hi, I am increadibly pleased with my purchase, definetly worth every penny! They sound amazing! I am afraid I'll be homestuck for a while ; ) Thank you for the links. Also the remote is incredibly handy, I am glad I chose the a5+'s over the KrK's^^
I bought the Audioengine 5+ in the end. Didn't feel like sorting out which cables I would all need (included with the 5+) also it was a bit cheaper. Someone on here has both and he said the KrK's were a bit better, but it didn't convince me of paying the extra for those. Thanks for you both for your help.   On a side note. I'm thinking of buying speaker stands, but those things are damn expensive. I don't want to go over 50 eu for a set. Anyone know a place to buy...
So I bought speakers (audioengine 5+) instead of headphones. New headphones will be bought eventually though (can't wait). Thanks for all your contributions, I'm sure they'll help other people as well, as well as me when finally getting new phones too!
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