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I'm looking for a mint M50. Kinda need it pretty soon so PM me.
I'm selling my source and amp to move on to a better rig. Both the amp and the DAC are in mint condition. They have been stayed on my desk since day one.   I bought them brand new and they are about 6 months old only!   Original boxes and accessories are included.   Price:   - DacMagic $340 shipped - Schiit Asgard $180 shipped   I can do separately or altogether. There will be discount if you are taking both.   CONUS only. I will eat PayPal...
What is the firmware version on it? Thanks!
Sorry guys! I decided not to trade anymore and had change the ad to FS only. Thanks everybody 
+ cash from buyer side of course lol. I need a cheap IEM for daily use.
I have been using this amazing sounding SE535 for a few months and had no intention of selling it at all before 5 minutes ago since I realized I need to liquidate some of my assets to finance the coming electric guitar and amplifier.   The item condition is 9/10 for being not brand new.   It will come with original aluminum case, documents and full accessories.   Bought it 5 months ago so it’s still under warranty.   CONUS only. Price is $335 + FREE...
Not a good friend lol. Jk!
As some of you guys know, I have my LCD-2 sent back to base to fix a minor problem. The conversation is smooth and just after a day or two, Sankar told me that my replacement headphone is on FedEx truck I did not really pay attention to the "replacement" part, thought it's just be fixed. Today my LCD-2 delivered and it turned out to be a new one. The packaging is much better than the old days. Double boxed (not to mention the signature wooden box) and ear cups are...
I checked the DLIII manual. Signal will be sent out on both XLR and RCA output :)
Thank you guys   Things are cleared up a lot for me.   Say if I add up 2 active speakers and a active center speaker later on. What is the best way to setup 5.1 surround system? By adding a USB to 5.1 analog decoder? Is there any alternative?   Thanks a bunch guys!
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