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This deal is live, $74.99.Sorry, can't seem to paste the url from my phone.
Went to TJ Maxx yesterday looking for TDK ie800 but no luck. Lots of Skullcandy and Marley.
There might be big deals on Monday, but I had to go with the bird in hand and bought the W3 deal. From what I've seen, they've never been cheaper, so I didn't want to gamble on the price heading in the wrong direction. If they're $99 on Monday, I guess I'll just have to find something to do with a second pair. I looked for some TDKs at TJMaxx, but came up empty.
I jumped on the Westone 3 Amazon deal also. I was in a similar situation, considering the ba200 as an upgrade to shure se110, but I think the ba200 would be too dark for my taste, especially after having spent some time with the airiness of the ad900x. The TDK ie800 seems appealing, but with the extra bass the w3 is purported to provide, it was an easy decision.   I listen to mostly metal, rock, classical and then periodic but minimal amounts of everything else.
To date, the most I've spent is $100, but I could see making the leap to ~$250 at some point.
Hello everyone, I just joined Head-Fi today and this is my first post. After perusing the forums over the last few days in search of a new pair of phones, I bit the bullet today and ordered a pair of MS-1i's as well as the L-Cush pads. Previous/current headphones include Shure SE110, Creative Zen Aurvana, Koss KSC75, Senn eH150, some old Sony can of which I don't recall the model, and various carppy earbuds. The SE110's are the most transparent of the list and I find...
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