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Thank you! I even forgot that I owned the M11P! PS: It's hard to decide what thread to link an IEM to. There are so many good ones. Quote: Originally Posted by ljokerl The maximo HS3 shares internals with the iM-390, which has been reviewed by both ClieOS and myself. The HS2 similarly shares components with the iM-490 (there was a review of the 490 somewhere around here). I would also add the Meelec M11P (same sound characteristics as the regular...
Quote: Originally Posted by dfrost Maximo iM-HS5 (also HS1, 2 and 3), and the equivalent three-button iPhone version, iP-595. The 5-series is equivalent to the iM-590, which has been reviewed by ClieOS and joker (MSRP $80). Headphone Addict has reviewed the iM-HS5 here. Thank you! I added the HS5, and when someone writes about the HS1/2/3 I will add them as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by Enanthate Phonak pfe Added, thanks!
I wanted to collect the links to the reviews of all the headsets that have a microphone and a button that works with the iPhone. Please let me know what I missed, and I'll update the table.   Code: |Name/Review |Manufacturer | MSRP |Notes |M9P |MEElectronics| $30 | |MP21 |SoundMagic | $32 | (MSRP?) |J3m |JLAB | $40 | |NE-7M |NuForce | $49 | |iP-HS2 |Maximo | $50 | based on iM-490 |M11P ...
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I had the s4is and while they are perfectly capable phones their price is somewhat inflated. I would go for a second hand one.
I doubt there is much difference in isolation since both the M6 and the M11 use the same tips. I owned the M11, it was nice And quiet with the triple flange, but I'm thinking of getting an M6 now. Quote: Originally Posted by DervishD ljokerl, I have a question after reading your comparison, about the Meelec M11. Maybe I should post it in a separate thread or even as a private message, but I feel it fits here. Well, I'm considering about ordering a...
Quote: Originally Posted by krustylew YGPM Got no pm
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