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> I know that the button on the mic will answer/end calls, but does it control the music on the iPhone? i.e. start/stop music and skip tracks?   any headset that has a normal headset jack and a call answer button will also control the music on an iphone.
it's hard to decide which prices/retailers to quote, so I stuck with the manufacturer's suggester retail price.
Quote: Originally Posted by bcpk The mic version of the Klipsch X1 is called the X1m, fyi. Thanks, updated!
Based on your musical preference and the fact that you haven't heard many IEMs I would also advocate for buying universals and remolding them- if you like their sound. Or get an NE-6 while you are thinking about it awesome bass for cheap.
Another vote for the ne-6. I owned the addiem and the m6 as well and the ne-6 put the biggest smile on my face when it comes to rocking out.
Quote: Originally Posted by pearlgirl -Nuforce NE7m -Maximo iP-HS5 -MEElectronics M11P -Klipsch S4i Which one do you think is best and why? I owned the S4i, M11P and the NE-7M. I kep the NE-7M. M11P was beautiful and built like a tank but was too veiled on the highs to tolerate (personal opinion). S4i was simply not worth the $100. It's fine, just not $100 fine. ADDIEMs were good but very apt to lose their seals - so their tiny...
Nuforce NE-7M (if you have an iPhone) or NE-6. I owned the Klipsch S4 but I am more satisfied with the earthmoving bass on the nuforces. I listen to Industrial Bass Machine.
you guys really like your M6s!
Is your M6 taking up too much space in your drawer? Need an excuse to buy a new IEM? Sell your M6 to me! I'm in Boston.
I made a list of all the in-ears with microphones: comprehensive-list-iphone-headsets-head-fi-reviews
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