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Hi, I'm looking for a Fiio E7, I'm in Boston, PM me!
PM sent!
I'm in the same boat, I'm planning to get a triple fi 10 if there is a good deal to be had on black Friday. But man the Atrios are fun, and they have little road noise for biking, and their warranty department is nice...I bet I will end up buying another pair.
There are still a few Westone 2 phones available for $99 at the inmotion store at the San Francisco international airport. The site is in the international terminal, open to the public. They also had their demo Westone 4 for sale for $250.
And free ground shipping. I ordered one.
Looking for a used Alessandro MS-1, I'm in Boston.
I recommend the Future Sonics Atrio X. I'm on my fourth.
Two words: electrostatic headphones.
lookat B&H's used and open box items, they were listing one for $299.
Future Sonics Atrio X (Black, White and the Black Mobile) for $49.99 plus free shipping   PS: accent colors look horrible, are they like this in real life?
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