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Hi, I'm looking for a Fiio E7, I'm in Boston, PM me!
PM sent!
I'm in the same boat, I'm planning to get a triple fi 10 if there is a good deal to be had on black Friday. But man the Atrios are fun, and they have little road noise for biking, and their warranty department is nice...I bet I will end up buying another pair.
There are still a few Westone 2 phones available for $99 at the inmotion store at the San Francisco international airport. The site is in the international terminal, open to the public. They also had their demo Westone 4 for sale for $250.
And free ground shipping. I ordered one.
Thanks, clearing the cache helped, also waiting for another day because Tapatalk's servers were overloaded also helped.
I have not been able to use tapatalk for the last two weeks. It lets me log in but when loading the forums it says it has failed to load and contact the site admin. I wrote to Jude but he hasn't said anything so I wonder if it's just me? I'm using the latest paid tapatalk on android g2x.
Looking for a used Alessandro MS-1, I'm in Boston.
I recommend the Future Sonics Atrio X. I'm on my fourth.
Two words: electrostatic headphones.
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