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Didn't that offer last about twenty minutes last time? I can't really depend on that, and I'm willing to pay more.
Yes but I'm not sure if I buy from "ebestpurchase" Logitech will honor their warranty...  
After three years of thinking about it I finally decided to get some TripleFi 10 earphones, but I can't for the life of me find an official retailer! UE definitely doesn't list retailers.   I'd like to pay less than $200 and get a full warranty. Any tips?   Thanks
I have Dayton Audio speakers and they are great and cheap. Look up the reviews on their B652 speakers that cost $45 per pair.
My first reaction would be to find a place where you can try these cans for yourself.
I am looking at my receipt that says $14.50.   Edit: store SKU is 404412, call a local store.
Yes the NE-700M, they are nice but I think the NE-7M sounded better.
Staples still has some Sony ZX701iP headphones left, the price is now $14.50. It sounds really nice through an E7, and it isolates well. Great stocking stuffer!
Beyerdynamic DT 770?
Just for fun take a look at the $10 soundmagic pl11 I don't know if they sound similar but they sure do look the same.
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