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UE is doing a promotion for some swag and discount codes, check it out:   Challenge 5 gets you two 50% off coupons - wanna get an UE900 for $200? I do!   I'm at challenge 3 - if you want to increase your friend like counter, PM me and I'll add you to mine.
Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro is at $149 on Amazon.
If you are looking for something different looking than the v modas, take a look at the beyerdynamic custom one pro.
Somebody on the forum had good results with replacing the filters, but I can't find their post.
  I love them, and I'm about to buy them again. I usually buy them for around $50, this $39.96 has been the best deal I've seen for Atrio X in the last few years.   PS: tigerdirect also sells the microphone version for the same price:
Update: actually talked to someone knowledgeable at Logitech, they said the triplefi 10 was discontinued sometime in the last two months.   I asked them to verify the amazon sellers if they are authorized, they verified ebestpurchase and l&y business as authorized resellers.
If you don't like your shure's sound signature maybe you need to EQ it first before spending money.
I spend way too much time on my phone and I don't want to switch headsets to switch between my music and my calls. I actually take calls on my morning bike and run commute...
I concur.
I called Logitech today to find an official reseller for triple fi s, I was told that they are discontinued and they are selling off the remaining stock now. The support person couldn't actually tell me who is an UE reseller! Is like to buy a new triple fi before black Friday, can anyone recommend a place to buy from? Amazon only has third party vendors right now, j&r and b&h are out.
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